Roll Diameter on Labels


Application: Monitor the roll diameter of labels in order to determine amount of labels left.

Challenges: Various colors of labels which have to be ignored and various diameters of full and cores diameters for the label rolls.  Both need to be addressed with easy and little adjustment.

Solution: Banner LE laser measurement sensors are unaffected by color and sheen of the label and has easy adjustment of roll diameter sizing.

Benefits: Repeatable and accurate distance sensing when changing targets and roll diameters.  

In the bottling industry, labels need to be applied to the bottles quickly and without error to keep production levels high.  Accurately monitoring the diameter of a roll of labels and controlling the unwinding speed is very important for the process to run smoothly.  A solution is needed that can accurately report the material level on a roll in order to prevent it from running out and delaying production.


The LE250/550 laser measurement sensor works incredibly well for these types of applications.  The analog output can be used to monitor wind or unwind diameters on the rolls.  Another available mode has a discrete output and features two point teach capability that can be used to teach the outside diameter and the core diameter of the roll.  The operator can also manually set the diameters of the full roll and the core.

The LE250 sensor also features a discrete output which can be used to assess the roll diameter.  The sensor would read the label material and as it recognizes that it’s nearing the end of the roll, it will turn on an output to the machine controls and  operators. 

For easy installation on factory room floors, the LE250 laser measurement sensor is ready to measure immediately out of the box and has an easy adjustment with a two-line, eight-character intuitive display.  The LE250 provides dependability and precision across a variety of challenging sensing targets.

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