Tank Level, Pressure, and Temperature Monitoring

Tank Level, Pressure, and Temperature Monitoring Image

Application: Data monitoring on a rotary filler

Challenges: Moving assemblies make wiring difficult

Solution: SureCross Wireless Network

Benefits: Requires no cables

A bottling plant monitors the level, pressure, and temperature inside each rotary filler to accurately determine when to activate the inflow into the rotary filler.

To eliminate data and power wires on moving assemblies, wireless data acquisition solutions offer an alternative to masses of cables, wires, and slip rings.


To wirelessly monitor and report level, pressure, and temperatures in the rotary fillers, each rotary filler was equipped with a FlexPower Node and DX81P6 6-pack battery supply. The FlexPower Node had two 0–20 mA analog inputs and one thermistor input while the battery pack supplied power to the Node and sensors for more than a year.

A level probe, pressure transmitter, and thermistor (not supplied by Banner) were connected to the FlexPower Nodes and installed in the rotary tanks.

The FlexPower Nodes sent the data back to a Gateway equipped with four 0–20 mA inputs and four 0–20 mA outputs. The Gateway was mounted near the rotary filler inflow controls and regulated when the inflow to the rotary tanks was activated.

Using a wireless system eliminates costly slip rings and reduces required maintenance to once per year (battery replacement).

The wireless solution also significantly reduces filler downtime, increasing overall production efficiency.

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