Waste Water Management in a Land-fill Site

Waste Water Management in a Land-fill Site Image

Application: Monitoring and measuring waste water levels

Challenges: Must meet regulatory standards and work with other devices already in use at the site

Solution: Banner Engineering Wireless Network

Benefits: Meets all imposed standards and works efficiently with previous installed devices

In today’s environment of ever-increasing regulatory standards imposed by both industry and government, the task of monitoring and accurately measuring levels of polluted waste water is vital to the standard operation of any facility.

The ability to efficiently measure and collect data is an issue not only of resource management but also of compliance and accountability.

This leaves operators with a choice—they must find a way to meet the regulatory standards or be forced to shut down until they can.


After careful consideration of several systems, the operators of the landfill determined that the Banner Wireless system was the only solution that could meet all imposed standards and seamlessly co-exist with other devices already in place at their site.

With the help of integrator Wilson Mohr, they were able to create a system that could take data from below ground and make it accessible at the desk of the end user.

One battery powered Node at the top of each well powers the radio and the ultrasonic analog level sensor. Each Node is equipped with a specialized low-power 4-20 mA analog level sensor and one 10-30V dc powered Gateway controls the system. The Data Radio and Modbus master controller module enhance portability of data and an omni-directional antenna extends the range of Gateway-Node communication up and over the hill and across the landfill site. 

Cutting-edge power management capabilities and an internal battery eliminate long haul cabling and create a greatly-reduced cost of installation. The wireless devices also have built-in diagnostic properties that send out alarms prior to complete shutdown, minimizing down time. They are also completely scalable and can adapt as the operators fill in and create new wells.

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