Wireless Water Treatment Monitoring in Unsafe or Harsh Conditions

Wireless Water Treatment Monitoring in Unsafe or Harsh Conditions Image

Application: Continuously monitor waste water treatment status

Challenges: Large facility does not allow for wiring and is in a harsh environment

Solution: Banner Engineering's SureCross Wireless Network

Benefits: Uses no cables and is certified for intrinsically safe applications

Waste water treatment plants need to continually monitor various parameters, including temperature, pressure, flow, pH, conductivity, or water levels.


In most waste water installations, the locations are not wired for power or data transfers.

With a SureCross Wireless Network, FlexPower Nodes are deployed at each holding unit without the need to run cables for power or I/O data transmission. Banner’s unique power management capability enables a Node equipped with an ultrasonic analog level sensor to operate for years on a single DX81 battery power supply.

A DX80 FlexPower Node offers a combination of discrete and analog I/O in a single package, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data collection. Water levels can be monitored with an ultrasonic sensor wired to an analog input. Alarms or setpoints can be announced with an EZ-LIGHT on the discrete outputs. Remotely located tank sensor readings can be collected by the DX80 Gateway Pro for data tracking, sending e-mail alerts, or to trigger specific events.

Banner’s SureCross DX99 wireless FlexPower Nodes offer Class I, II, and III, Division 1 and Zone 0 certifications for installations requiring Intrinsically Safe operation. SureCross FlexPower I/O devices are also available in metal housings with an integrated battery or polycarbonate housings with an external battery supply.

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