Calling an AGV for Parts

Calling an AGV for Parts


Automated guide vehicles (AGV) can be very useful in an assembly or manufacturing setting. Using an automated vehicle to delivery assembly parts to a workstation keeps the workflow and production levels high. A wireless solution helps operators keep AGVs running smoothly.


By deploying a DX80 wireless system, optimal workflow is achieved. At the workstation, a remote push button and light is paired with a DX80 Node to communicate wirelessly to the Gateway. In this application, a Banner VTB is used as the input to the Node. Banner offers a variety of advanced touch button control products that seemlessly connect as a discrete input to any DX80 Node.

The Gateway placed at the scheduler’s location ensures the vehicle is going to the appropriate station. Nodes can be added or removed from any work station as application requirements change.

This simple interface significantly increases productivity while minimizing implementation costs. When a pallet is ready, the user can alert the AGV by pressing a button. Once the AGV control system schedules a pickup, a green light comes on at the workstation.

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