Bond Wire Break Detection with a Fiber Optic Pair

Bond Wire Break Detection with a Fiber Optic Pair Image

Customer Requirements: Detecting breakage of very fine wire during operation/assembly

Solution: DF-G2 Fiber Optic Amplifier

Why Banner? Fast Response Time – 10 microsecond response time recognizes very fine wire that breaks the beams

Compact – sleek 10 mm wide housing mounts to 35 mm DIN rail fits into small areas

Customer Benefits

Consistent Quality Control – Accurately detecting bonding wire breakage ensures that high quality products are being produced, reducing the amount of scrapped product as well as costly downtime


As electronic chips continue to reduce in size, the size of the components needed to assemble the chips must also be reduced. Semiconductor products need to be built in a clean room because any particles or dust, no matter how small, can adversely affect the performance of the electronics. Semiconductor machines, such as wire bonders, are used in the particle free environments in an effort to speed up productivity.


In semiconductor assembly, very fine wires are used to connect various components. As a wire is threaded to a die it can easily break. These products will not work as intended and must be scrapped. Unscheduled downtime to rethread the wire and high scrap rates reduce production output and drive up costs. Detecting bonding wire breakages as they occur allows manufacturers to halt assembly, correct issues, and minimize the number of affected components. 


To help correctly and quickly identify a break, the thru-beam fiber pair is set up below the bond wire. When the broken wire falls through the beam, an adjustable one-shot output pulse is energized and an alert is signaled so that the operators can rethread the bonding wire. If the sensor is not quick enough, the break will not get recognized.

Offering best in class response speeds, the compact DF-G2 fiber amplifier is an ideal solution for this application. Fast and consistent detection of bonding wire breaks is possible with a 10 microsecond response time and the 10mm wide housing allows for more versatility during installation, especially in tight or confined spaces. Choosing the DF-G2 for this application also does not require a consistent positioning of the bonding wire.


Semiconductors and electronics are designed with incredibly small components and as devices get smaller, the components used to make them become smaller, making reliable sensing more difficult. With best in class response time and compact 10 mm housing, the DF-G2 can detect the most subtle movements and works very well in the semiconductor industry.

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