Call for Parts in a Flooring Manufacturing Process

Call for Parts in a Flooring Manufacturing Process Image


Four lanes of production operators needed a way to easily call the forklift drivers to deliver additional parts or to remove completed assemblies from the work stations.

To improve communication between operators and forklift drivers, unique latching output logic was developed for the K50 EZ-LIGHTs.

Combining Banner’s wireless network products and K50 indicator lights resulted in a complete parts delivery solution. This solution did not require any new cable installation and is easy to rearrange if the plant layout changes.


Each production operator in a lane was equipped with a wireless Node and K50 EZ-LIGHT. Another Node and EZ-LIGHT was installed in each forklift.

When a production operator needs supplies, the operator pushes the button on the EZ-LIGHT, turning the light from green to red. At the same time, the forklift driver’s lights goes from green to red to indicate an operator needs parts.

After the parts are delivered, either the driver or the operator pushes his EZ-LIGHT’s button again, turning both lights green.

If a lane’s driver is unavailable, a driver from another lane can deliver the needed parts. The operator can then change both EZ-LIGHTs from red to green to avoid a duplicate delivery when the lane’s forklift driver returns to duty.

To avoid miscommunication, the system was designed to allow only the operator to initiate the call for parts. Drivers can only respond to the request from the production operator; they cannot accidentally call for parts from their end of the network.

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