Carton Counting

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During secondary packaging of food and beverage products, it is important that products are counted before being placed in large boxes to ensure accuracy. A reliable sensor is needed to count cartons and notify the robot after a desired amount of cartons has passed on the conveyor. The robot then knows to load cartons into the box, helping to maintain an efficient manufacturing process.


Banner’s WORLD-BEAM QS18LP laser sensor accurately inspects every carton that passes on the conveyor, ensuring the robot is triggered to load cartons into the package. With a visible laser sensing beam, the QS18LP provides precise position control, which is ideal to ensure accurate counting of cartons at a close range.

The rugged QS18LP is also ideal for confined spaces and is easily set up along a conveyor for accurate sensing. With highly bright LEDs, operating status is visible from 360⁰. The QS18LP has 10 to 30V dc operation with NPN or PNP outputs, depending on the model. Installation with the QS18LP is simple due to the mounting versatility of 18 mm threaded barrel and side-mount options.

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