Carton Profiling

Carton Profiling Image

Application: Measure size of cartons

Challenges: Carton can be anywhere on conveyor

Solution: Banner LE550 laser sensor

Benefits: Accurate measurement of carton width


Carton profiling is an important aspect of the packaging industry. It helps ensure cartons and packages make it to the correct area of the factory for shipment. Cartons need to be measured for height, length and width, and the size needs to be communicated to a PLC for proper placement.


Cartons moving on a conveyor pass between two LE550 laser sensors, measuring the width in order to sort cartons properly. The LE550 sensors are an economic solution for carton profiling.

The analog output sends a signal to the PLC to deliver the carton to the correct storage location.

Banner’s LE550 provides repeatability and accuracy while measuring the height, length and width of cartons. The laser sensors have an intuitive user interface, making it easy to adjust settings.

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