Communicating the Status of a Water-Pumping Station

Communicating the Status of a Water-Pumping Station Image


This water-pumping station, located offshore, is responsible for drawing water from the surrounding reservoir and feeding it to the public water supply. The continuous operation of the pumping-station is crucial to the area and therefore the status of the station must be checked regularly. It would be costly to pay employees to sit at the station day and night and inefficient to take a boat to the off-shore location each time the station needed to be checked. A solution is required that will clearly communicate the status of the station to maintenance personnel from a distance.


EZ-LIGHT Daylight Visible indicators produce intense levels of light, with 18 LEDs that can be activated together or in 3 groups of 6 to control light level intensity, making them ideally suited for applications requiring clear communication in an outdoor environment. An optional sun shield increases their visibility, making them effective even in environments with high levels of sunlight.

The 4 single-color Daylight Visible EZ-LIGHTs mounted on the outside of the pumping station can communicate a variety of messages to maintenance personnel standing onshore. The green light could signal that all systems housed within the station are functioning normally and the water is pumping as it should. A red light could signal that the water flow has stopped. A blue light could signal that there is gas present in the station, or could be connected to a T-GAGE M18T Series Temperature Sensor monitoring the temperature of electronics within the station and indicate that the system is overheating. The yellow light, meanwhile, could be used to communicate that a filter is clogged and the water flow is partially blocked.

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