Counting Integrated Circuits

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Integrated circuits are miniature silicone plates ranging from 2 to 7 square mm in size. After manufacturing is completed, the integrated circuits are shipped in mass quantities, so it is extremely important to make sure that the correct amount are shipped out. Detecting the presence of integrated circuit chips in a confined space is a challenging application that requires miniature, yet powerful sensing.


In order to detect these chips as they move down the conveyor, powerful sensors need to rapidly and accurately count them, but there are not many sensors that are tiny enough to fit into tight, confined spaces and still have reliable, speedy detection that keeps up with the integrated circuits as they pass by. With Banner’s ultra-miniature compact Q12 sensor, counting integrated circuits on the manufacturing line is simple.

The opposed-mode WORLD-BEAM Q12 miniature sensors can easily be embedded in small indentations on the inside of a narrow channel where integrated circuits pass by. The narrow beam of collimated visible red light detects each tiny, flat chip and transmits the information to a counting device. The miniature Q12 sensor is also extremely durable and has models available that work well in wet or corrosive environments.

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Q12 Series Miniature Self-Contained Sensor
Q12 Series Miniature Self-Contained Sensor

The Q12 is a small sensor with high performance for powerful sensing in confined spaces. Used in short-range with background suppression.

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