Drywall Thickness Measurement with a Network of Sensors

Drywall Thickness Measurement with a Network of Sensors Image


Precise displacement measurements are crucial during the drywall manufacturing process. Manufacturers need to check for uniform thickness of drywall sheets to meet certain industry standards. Some standards include core and end thickness, straightness of edges, end length and many others.

To make sure industry standards are met, the manufacturer will often make spot checks during batch runs. If measurements fall out of spec it is not uncommon for a whole batch to be scrapped. Maintaining this standard of quality can be expensive and time consuming.


A network of Banner L-GAGE LH Laser Displacement Sensors is strategically placed to make continuous thickness measurements of the sheet during the manufacturing process. If any of the paired thickness sensors make a measurement that is out of spec, the process can be stopped immediately to make adjustments and repairs to the manufacturing line. This can help eliminate scrapped material and improve the quality of the product.

The L-GAGE LH sensors are capable of making displacement measurements on the micron level. The sensors can be networked together on a common communication bus that allows for mixing and matching displacement and thickness pairs. The L-GAGE LH laser displacement sensors offer a complete yet simple solution because they self-synchronize over the communication network and mathematically adjust for movement of the target they are measuring. All of this is accomplished without the need for an external controller.

The key component for setting up a single sensor, thickness pair or a whole network or sensors is the LH Series software. The LH Assistant guides users step-by-step to configure the network correctly for communicating data between sensors and to the PC for data logging and monitoring functions.

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