Emergency Stopping (End-Mounted Rope Pull)

Emergency Stopping (end-mounted rope pull) Image


In emergency situations it is necessary to instantly stop the motion of a conveyor to prevent any further damage to individuals or property. A rope pull that can be activated from anywhere along the length of the conveyor is ideal.


Banner offers various rope pull switches in spans of 6 to 100 meters, so they can run along the length of various conveyor belts. The rope pulls switches also feature heavy-duty housings suitable for harsh environments. In emergency situations, the operator can pull the rope from anywhere along the line to immediately stop the conveyor and hazardous action.

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Safety Rope Pull Switches with E-Stop Button
Safety Rope Pull Switches with E-Stop Button

With integrated emergency stop (estop) buttons, this category of rope pull emergency stop switches is used with steel wire rope to provide emergency stop actuation for conveyors and large machinery.

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