Enunciation of Safety Conditions with Visual Indication

CL50 Application Image

Application: Immediately alert workers of a safety issue        

Challenges: Noisy and harsh environment

Solution: Banner CL50 column light with audible alarm

Benefits: Bright Led lighting with long life and low energy consumption

In order to maintain an efficient manufacturing line in the beverage industry, immediate notification of any safety issues is fundamental.  Using visual and audible indication to identify safety concerns helps workers quickly find and fix the errors – returning the system to its normal operating state in a timely fashion.


Banner Engineering’s CL50 column lights provide bright, visible lighting in order to quickly and easily identify safety conditions.  When a three-color column light is installed near the palletizer station on a beverage line, operators and factory workers are continuously informed of the systems’ safety status at all times.  The three-color options allow for the indication of multiple statuses in one device and the bright lights are effortlessly seen even from long distances.  Additionally, our column lights have the option of providing an audible alarm.  This provides extra signals to the machine operators when safety issues arise.

The CL50 column lights are rugged, cost-effective and completely self-contained which make them great for use in factory settings.  They come with an IP67 rating and are made with LED lights which provide long life and low power consumption.  In fact, they last up to an average of 100,000 hours.  The CL50 column lights also come completely preassembled and preconfigured which saves both time and money in the installation process.  

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CL50 Series 50 mm LED Column Lights
CL50 Series 50 mm LED Column Lights

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