Fill Level Verification of Water Bottles

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To maintain consistency in product and ensure there are no recalls, liquid levels in water bottles must be verified. A sensor that can reliably detect water and clear objects is needed in order to accurately determine fill level.


Banner’s QS30H2O sensor is a specialized sensor developed to address challenges with optically sensing the presence of water and water-based liquids. The QS30H2O operates in a through beam sensing mode and the emitter has a unique LED with a 1450 wavelength. The 1450 wavelength is easily attenuated by water.

When water is present at the fill level, the wavelength is weakened, meaning the sensor does not detect enough light and the water level is correct. If water is absent, the sensor detects a high amount of 1450 nm light, and then kicks the bottle off the manufacturing line. This ensures products that do not meet fill level criteria are not processed or shipped.

The high excess gain of the sensor makes it powerful enough to pass through the plastic water bottle containers, while still maintaining enough sensitivity to water inside the bottle for accurate detection.

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