Forklift Crossing LED Indication

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There are many hazardous factory floor zones where forklifts cross intersections while moving heavy boxes or equipment. To keep operators safe and work flows smooth, indication is essential to avoiding forklift collisions, employee accidents or ruined products.


Banner’s EZ-LIGHT® K80FL multicolor LED indicators provide simple status indication in important scenarios, such as forklift intersections on the factory floor. These unique, specialized indicator lights have highly visible, bright, even lights that easily communicate caution to factory workers.

With a selection of up to three colors, specialized K80FL indicator lights can be used to communicate different signals and can be set to solid or flashing light operation with the internal DIP switch.

Banner Engineering’s durable K80FL indicator lights also provide reliability in a variety of environments and have a unique shape with a large flat face that is easily recognizable. For greater product customization, the K80FLs are available with transparent self-adhesive cover labels that can be printed for easy identification.

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K80FL Series Flat Mount Indicators
K80FL Series Flat Mount Indicators

Large, multicolor indicator with bright, even lighting for simple status indication.

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