Increasing Efficiency on Production Lines

Increasing Efficiency on Production Lines Image


Increasing production line efficiency is always a top concern for automation equipment manufacturers; reducing the amount of time technicians and managers are away from their work stations is an easy way to increase overall efficiency.

Traditional systems require operators to manually walk over to the manager area to request more work or assistance with a technical issue.


By installing DX70 pairs, tower lights, and switch boxes, manufacturers can create a wireless notification network and communicate across the factory floor. Operators can flip switches to call a manager to the production line, call a technician, or even request parts or supplies.

Using the tower light notification system reduces the need for clerks, technicians, or managers to be constantly checking each production line.

Featured Products

50 mm Tower Lights: TL50 Series
50 mm Tower Lights: TL50 Series

Banner's TL50 Tower Lights are designed to be exceptionally bright with a long, visible indication range, providing excellent operational status for workers and supervisors. Models featuring IO-Link communication are easy to integrate into most industrial networks and can be remotely controlled and monitored.

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