Increasing Production Line Efficiency



An electronic component assembler needed to increase the efficiency of its production lines by reducing the amount of time technicians and managers were away from their work stations.

The previous system required operators to manually walk over to the manager area to request more work or assistance with a technical issue.


Using Wireless Q45 Sensors and EZ-LIGHTs, the customer created a notification system.

Each production area has one switch box and one tower light connected to the input on a Wireless Q45 Sensor with dry contact inputs. When a manager or technician is needed on the production line, an employee flips a switch. 

If a manager is needed on the production line, the operator flips the manager switch. A tower light installed near the managers is connected to the Gateway’s outputs. The tower lights indicate which production line needs a manager’s attention. At the same time, the tower light installed at that production line also lights up.

The colors of each of the tower lights are assigned to indicate the need for a technician (red), manager (yellow). 

Using the tower light notification system reduces the need for technicians or managers to constantly check each production line. 

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