Managing an HVAC System to Improve Efficiency

Managing an HVAC System to Improve Efficiency Image


Many manufacturers run multiple production lines in the same building and oftentimes one or more lines might not be operating.

Because machinery in each line produces heat, multiple air conditioners are constantly running throughout the building. However, when only one production line is operating, having all air conditioners on is not necessary and energy is wasted.


Instead of operating the HVAC system all the time, energy expenses can be reduced by scheduling the equipment to run only when the manufacturing equipment is in operation.

A Node with discrete I/O monitors machine status and one of the Node’s inputs accepts a signal from the machine’s PLC to indicate if the machine is operating.

Using Modbus RTU, the Gateway can be connected to the HVAC system's PLC anywhere in the facility. For each operational production line, an air conditioner or other HVAC component, such as air mover, vent, chiller, can be activated. As each production line shuts down, the associated cooling units are also turned off to conserve energy and money.

Using a wireless system eliminates the need to run conduit and wire and allows the user to move the Nodes around when the production lines are rearranged.

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