Monitoring Clear Film in a Tray Sealer

VSM5 Clear Film Application Image

Application: Monitoring Levels of Clear Film

Challenges: Detect quick rotations of the roll in a hygienic setting

Solution: Banner Engineering’s VSM series sensors

Benefits: Rugged, compact, reliable, and washdown ready

As filled food trays approach the packaging area of a production line, a clear film is placed over and sealed to the tray. Accurate monitoring of the roll diameter is essential in order to prevent the material from running out during the manufacturing process. When the film roll runs out the operator must manually re-feed the film around the rollers for the web.  This is a time-consuming process that can be eliminated by splicing the new roll directly to the film that is already in the machine.  A high-performing sensing solution can detect when the roll is about to run out and alert the operator,  while also ensuring the least amount of waste. 


The VSM series sensor gives a signal each time the slot of the film roll passes. The sensor then equates the rotations and informs the PLC when the material is getting low and the product needs to be replaced. An alert is sent to the operators so that they can splice a new roll in a timely fashion.

Banner Engineering’s VSM series sensor is a heavy-duty, stainless steel sensor that can be used to reliably detect each rotation of the material roll. The VSM series sensor is small and tough, which means it can withstand the harsh and often crowded factors of a food packaging line. The stainless steel barrel also makes the sensor resistant to frequent washdowns.

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