Parcel Collision Avoidance

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Motorized rollers are an important aspect of distribution centers and warehouses because they quickly move product around the facility. With lots of packaged goods placed on conveyors with motorized rollers, it is important to ensure a smooth flow of items to prevent product or parcel damage. A sensor solution is needed to help with zone control, minimizing box collisions and product damage.


Banner’s DS18 sensor coupled with a zone control modules offers a cost-effective solution that gives an output and shows a change in state for optimal flow of products. This helps prevent box collisions and stops the zone so contents of packages are preserved.

The DS18 has a large, visible LED for easy sensor setup and the change in state is easily viewed on the sensor, and is available with multiple connection options. When there is a change in state, an operator can visibly see this change on the sensor and help ensure box collisions are avoided.

The DS18 is also available as a customized kit with a mounting bracket, reflector and reflector bracket, ensuring an easy setup.

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