Presence/Absence Item Detection

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High-speed, high-volume tilt tray sorters are used to process multiple orders at distribution centers. As the volume and diversity of products being shipped has increased, so have the demands on their sortation system. Misrouted and misidentified products can result in shipping errors and delays as well as increased expenses and lost productivity. With multiple types of products on the sortation system, ranging in shape, size and color, a solution is needed to ensure items are detected properly and accurately on the sorter trays thereby reducing associated missort costs.


PresencePLUS Pro II mini cameras are set up on induction stations of the sortation system for easy inspection of all items entering the system. The vision cameras can inspect and detect packages ranging from business card size to massive boxes, as well as detect packages of varying colors. The compact mini cameras and flexible mounting options provide a simple installation without the need for alterations.

Each camera is paired with a PresencePLUS Pro II controller. The controllers have a full suite of location, inspection, analysis and geometric tools which can be used simultaneously. Using specific tools, each item is accurately detected upon induct, regardless of ambient lighting conditions. When items are detected, a discrete output is sent to the controller, linking the item to the specific tray and recording their position and location.

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