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Data transfer from a moving robotic arm to a control panel has traditionally been a difficult task.

Industrial wireless systems must adapt as requirements and capabilities increase. Constant maintenance and costly shutdowns caused by broken cables are currently being eliminated and replaced with more effective communication solutions.


The DX80 Gateway is positioned at the control panel to collect and process data. A DX80 Node, DX81 Battery Module, and I/O block are attached to the robotic arm. The Node allows for data gathering at the robot's end effector and also comes available with an M23 connector. The DX81 Battery Module provides power for both the Node and one external input device. These devices are easily integrated with existing equipment.

The SureCross wireless network uses data acknowledgement or "handshaking" between devices to ensure accurate information is exchanged. Network "health" is constantly monitored by the Gateway and in the event of communication loss, all outputs are driven to safe shutdown state.

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