Stack Height Detection of Metal Parts

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In the metal stamping industry, dies are used to create highly accurate, quality parts. During the production of stamped metal parts, individual pieces need to be moved from die station to die station. Mechanical transfer devices grip and move these pieces in order to complete a progression of operations. Gripping devices need to know when a stack of metal sheets is at a certain height so the parts can be moved to the next station.


Transfer presses require reliable part-out or feed sensing to keep the mechanical shuttle system going without causing tool damage or producing low-quality parts. If the placement or movement of metal sheets is not precisely controlled, it could result in downtime and large quantities of scrap.

Banner’s VSM-2 sensors are completely self-contained, and fulfill the need for reliable, repeatable sensing for stack height detection in a transfer press application without adjustments. The compact size, which is available as small as a 4mm barrel, and well-focused narrow beam make the VSM-2 ideal for stack height detection of the stamped metal sheets. The VSM-2 can be mounted directly inside manufacturing equipment for simple integration into a user’s production line.

The stainless-steel housing of the VSM-2 is also important because it can withstand a wide variety of chemicals, perfect for heavy-duty, industrial environments. Cabled models of the VSM-2 also have a PUR jacketed cable for resistance to cutting fluids and oils. The VSM-2 sensor ultimately fulfills the need for an alternative to fiber optic sensors for aggressive applications. The compact, self-contained VSM-2 is a cost-effective solution for part and position detection in metal stamping applications.

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