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In the pharmaceutical industry, syringes are produced in mass quantity and require reliable, accurate detection. Syringe counting applications have extremely limited space due to the small size of the syringes. In order to properly detect and count each syringe, a fiber optic solution is needed for easy operator access and reliable, accurate counting.


The DF-G1 sensor can be easily configured for detection of small targets, such as syringes, in a limited space packaging process. With Banner's powerful TEACH and SET methods, optimal gain and threshold can be used for a range of applications, including low contrast and long range applications.

The highly flexible plastic fibers available for use with the DF-G1 amplifier also provide easy mounting at the sensing point. This is useful for the operator because the DF-G1's dual display can be placed in an easily accessible location, ensuring accuracy on the manufacturing line.

With an intuitive user interface, including switch point threshold, light operate or dark operate, output timing functions, gain level, and response speed, data monitoring is simple. With reliable detection, and the ease of installation, the DF-G1 amplifier is ideal for syringe and various other small product inspection applications.

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DF-G1 Series General Purpose Fiber Optic Amplifier

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