Wirelessly Monitoring Machine Status

Wirelessly Monitoring Machine Status Image


Real-time monitoring of machine status allows operators to address any issues as they arise, minimizing machine downtime and potentially resolving small issues before they become big problems. Providing clear indication of status at a machine is a necessary requirement. Communicating status information from a machine to other devices would allow personnel to monitor multiple machines on a factory floor from a convenient location.


Banner’s TL70 wireless tower light is ideal for this type of application. It combines high visibility indication with wireless communication. The extremely bright display of the TL70 provides at-a-glance status indication, enabling staff to easily identify the condition of a machine on the floor. Wireless communication connects the light to other devices without the time and expense associated with lengthy cable runs.

To disseminate machine status, or any additional information, the TL70 wireless tower light communicates with a Banner Gateway. The Gateway distributes this information to any of a range of devices located throughout at the facility, including another indicator light, a PLC or HMI, a laptop or a device installed on mobile equipment. Critical status information is sent to where it is needed, allowing staff to respond quickly and appropriately.

The TL70 wireless tower light is available pre-assembled or can be ordered as separate modular segments for a custom machine status indication solution. There can be up to six light segments in one tower light, or five segments plus one audible module with a loud 92 dB adjustable alarm with four selectable tones, including pulsed, chirp, siren and continuous. These features allow users to customize their visual indication solution.

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