Close Proximity Error Proofing on Assembly Lines

Assembly Error-Proofing Image

Application: Confirm part presence and position

Challenges: Sensors in close proximity could create cross-talk

Solution: The Q4X Analog Sensor

Benefits: Q4X sensors can be tied together in order to alternate measurement timing and prevent cross-talk

To improve efficiency and accuracy in assembly applications, it is vital that parts are correct before continuing on in the process, as parts may be used to build upon each other down the line. Detecting problems as early as possible in the process prevents downtime and extra expenses. A reliable sensing solution that provides accurate feedback is needed to error-proof parts on the assembly line.

Real-time Mistake Proofing in Confined Areas

The demands for industrial mistake proofing continue to expand as poka-yoke techniques (processes put in place to avoid errors as part of lean manufacturing) increase in popularity. Banner Engineering’s Q4X analog sensor can give operators real-time measurement feedback to verify the part is present and correctly positioned before moving to the next operation.

Error proofing for this application uses laser proximity sensors to confirm that both flanges around the weld nut are properly seated so that they fit correctly into the final assembly. The Q4X’s analog measurement can determine if both flanges are properly seated before continuing further down the assembly line.

While two sensors measuring points so close together on a shiny surface may cause cross-talk and errant measurements for other sensors, a pair of Q4X sensors can be tied together in master/slave mode to automatically alternate measurement timing and completely avoid any cross-talk for reliable measurements of both flanges. The display of the Q4X gives readers immediate, real-time feedback in millimeters “mm,” ensuring that the process is running smoothly. The display could also be setup to display an analog readout in “V.”

The Q4X analog laser sensor reliably detects submillimeter distance changes and provides superior performance for continuous measurement of challenging targets from dark to reflective out to 300 mm. The easy-to-read, four-digit display helps minimize setup time and provides clear user feedback. The Q4X analog is a robust sensor, reliable in all types of industrial environments.

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