Blemish Detection on Bandage

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Pharmaceutical products, such as bandages, are produced in mass quantities and require thorough inspection before being packaged. Quality checks are extremely important to ensure every material meets certain standards, especially with such a highly automated process. By recognizing blemishes on a pharmaceutical product, the manufacturing process can be stopped and examined by operators so they can fix the problem and prevent additional waste.


iVu Series vision sensors are an ideal choice for monitoring materials to ensure that they meet quality standards. The device can be setup and monitored using an integrated or remote touchscreen or with a PC. Four sensor types are built into each iVu vision sensor: area, match, sort, and blemish.

Configured to work as a blemish sensor, the iVu inspects bandage material for flaws and rejects sections of material where the blemishes are too numerous or too large. The iVu can be setup for situations where a variety of materials are inspected or where lighting is uneven. It can then be configured for certain exposure, gain and focus to ensure a good image is captured when conducting each inspection.

The compact design and rugged IP67-rated build of the iVu is ideal for use in confined spaces and industrial environments. Users can choose from multiple mounting options to fit specific needs for placement on the manufacturing line. They are available in models with or without an integrated touchscreen. Users can configure, change, and monitor inspections away from the line using a remote touchscreen or a PC.

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