Correct Label Verification

Correct Label Verification Image

Application: Assure correct label on bottle and in correct orientation

Challenges: Multiple labels and frequent changeovers

Solution: iVu TG Image Sensor can be programmed to detect if label matches correct pattern

Benefits: Easy to use and to program and can store multiple programs for line changeover


Bottle filling lines run many different products and require frequent changeovers. It is important that each bottle is correctly labeled and that the label is consistently affixed to the bottle.

To prevent mislabeled bottles and ensure quality, iVU TG Image sensors are able to determine whether a label pattern matches its reference pattern.


An iVu TG Image Sensor works well for label verification because it comes with four sensor types, including a match sensor. The match sensor determines whether a pattern on a label matches a reference pattern and if it is correctly oriented. With just the touch of a button—or remotely through a PLC—users can easily teach the iVu image sensor to recognize and match the correct label pattern, requiring no image processing expertise.

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