Date/Lot Code Verification on Food Cartons

Date/Lot Code Verification Image

Application: Verify printed date/lot codes on assembled boxes

Challenges: Printed codes and positions may change

Solution: PresencePLUS P4 Omni vision system

Benefits: IP68-rated housing for harsh environments

Many food packaging applications require date/lot code verification to ensure that the date/lot code is printed correctly and legibly. After the date/lot code is printed on frozen dinner carton magazines, they move down the conveyor as the date/lot code is inspected. The food and beverage industry requires a reliable, cost-effective sensing to ensure these codes are correct and legible to help prevent packaging errors.

Codes Must Meet Acceptable Pass Criteria

Banner Engineering’s rugged PresencePLUS P4 Sealed OMNI vision sensor works well for date/lot codes because it uses Optical Character Verification/OCV inspection to ensure the correct date and lot code are printed legibly. With an IP68-rated housing, the sensor is ideal in food applications because it can withstand harsh wash-down environments.

The P4 OMNI sensor easily locates the region of the carton magazine that needs to be inspected for date/lot codes by verifying the edge of the box. With high-speed sensing at up to 2,000 parts per minute (PPM), the P4 OMNI quickly and accurately tests the information against the acceptable pass criteria and indicates the status of the results with highly visible LED indication or communicates the results to a PC.

Banner Engineering’s P4 OMNI is available with either a lens cover or integrated IP68 Ring Light and features a 640 x 480 CCD imager for stable imaging detection. Standard vision tools such as Locate, Geometric Find, Edge, Blob, Average Grayscale, Geometric Count and Measure are included with the P4 OMNI.

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