Electronic Marking Verification

Electronic Marking Verification Image

Application: Verifying part identifier information on electronic components

Challenges: Proper lighting for inspection

Solution: iVu TG Plus with on-axis light

Benefits: Reliable detection and verification of identifier etching

To ensure that correct parts are being used in electronic assembly operations, it's necessary to verify that the part identifier information laser etched on components is correct.


The solution uses an iVu Series sensor configured for a Match inspection. A reference "good" identifier is taught into the sensor. In service on the production line, the sensor detects when a component does not have the correct identifier, and sends a fail output to the line, and the part is rejected.

In any vision inspection, it's important to have correct lighting to optimize the inspection. In this case, the best choice is an on-axis light. The on-axis light provides even illumination on the flat components enabling the laser etching to stand out and be easily read.

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Vision Sensor: iVu Series

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