Label Alignment Inspection

Label Alignment Inspection Image


In salad dressing bottling operations, each salad dressing container is filled at a bottling station, and a label is affixed to each container. To ensure quality and protect the brand name, it is important that the label alignment be consistent from one bottle to the next.


As each salad dressing bottle leaves the label station, an iVu Series vision sensor, configured to use the Match tool, inspects the label and compares it to a preconfigured reference image. The iVu verifies that each bottle has a label and that each label has been applied correctly. If the label is missing or skewed, the sensor outputs a signal to the labeling machine to reject the bottle from the line.

This entire inspection can be configured and supported right on the plant floor using the iVu’s integrated touch screen and intuitive interface. Inspections can also be setup away from the line using a remote touchscreen or a PC.

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Vision Sensor: iVu Series
Vision Sensor: iVu Series

The simplicity of a photoelectric sensor and the intelligence of a smart camera, the iVu is an all-inclusive vision sensor with lens, light, I/O, and touch screen or PC programming.

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