Package Inspection Using Diffuse-Mode Laser Sensors

Package Inspection Using Diffuse-Mode Laser Sensors Image

Application: Inspect seals on packages of guaze pads

Challenges: Small target with minimal space to mount sensor solutions

Solution: Banner Engineering's WORLD-BEAM QS18LD Diffuse-Mode Laser Sensor

Benefits: Narrow visible beam and no need for separate emitter/receiver pairs or retroreflectors

When packaging medical supplies, error-proofing and quality control are of the utmost importance. In this application, it’s necessary to inspect each package of gauze pads to ensure that the lid has been closed and that tape has been applied to seal the package. Automating this process means greater efficiency and less chance of error.


A WORLD-BEAM QS18LD diffuse-mode laser sensor can be used to accurately inspect each package as it passes on a conveyor. The sensor emits a visible Class 1 laser sensing beam, focused on the piece of tape used to seal the package. When the top of the box is closed and sealed correctly, the tape will return the sensing beam back to the receiver. If the box has been sealed incorrectly, as shown in this application, the sensing beam won’t return to the receiver and the output will be triggered, indicating an error.

A diffuse-mode sensor is a cost-effective, convenient solution in this application. Because the emitter and receiver are contained in one housing, there is no need to mount separate emitter/receiver pairs or retroreflectors. Additionally, QS18 diffuse-mode laser sensors provide a narrow visible beam perfect for small object inspection and precision position control. The bright LED operating status indicators are visible from 360 degrees, the housing is compact and rugged, and an extensive offering of versatile mounting brackets are available.

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