Part Detection for Error-Proofing

Part Detection for Error-Proofing Image

Application: Detecting cap removal on an assembly line

Challenges: Exact position of cap is unpredictable

Solution: Banner Engineering's D10 Expert Small Object Counter

Benefits: Object positioning is less critical with the D10 Fiber Optic Amplifier

In assembly line applications, it’s sometimes necessary to check that certain steps have been performed before the assembly process can continue. This may involve verifying that a part, in this case a cap, has been removed. A solution is needed that will detect the small cap to assure that it has been removed.


To solve this application, Banner Engineering has paired the technology of the D10D Expert with fiber optic arrays optimized for small object counting to create the D10 Expert Small Object Counter.

In this application, the operator removes a cap and drops it through a funnel. The cap is then detected by the Small Object Counter, which verifies that the cap has been removed so the assembly process can continue. The exact position of the cap is unpredictable, but the preconfigured fiber optic arrays of the Small Object Counter make alignment and object positioning control less critical than when using single point emitter and receiver fiber optic assemblies

The sensor itself has been customized for small object counting and offers features critical to the success of small object counting applications. In industrial assembly applications the environment may become dusty or dirty over time, so it’s important that the sensor can adjust to changing conditions. The sensor’s automatic compensation algorithm adapts the switching threshold to the environment in real time. Small changes due to dust or contamination on the fiber optic array or small changes caused by ambient temperature shifts are filtered out by the microcontroller. Also, the Health Mode Alarm will help determine when preventative maintenance should be scheduled. These features ensure long and trouble-free operation.

The Small Object Counter is simple to set up and configure, with the default settings providing superb performance and reliability for most applications. Comprehensive setup and configuration options are accessible through the advanced setup menu.

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