Part-in-Place Verification

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In an automotive assembly plant, multiple parts are needed to make a subassembly and are commonly hand-placed together on pallets for feeding into a work station. The pallet of parts (or kit) must be verified prior to leaving the load station to ensure assembly quality and production efficiency.

The solution requires diffuse mode sensors that will tolerate variations in part reflectivity that is inherent to the process while ignoring background light reflected off the pallet surface that is in close proximity.


The WORLD-BEAM QS18 adjustable field background suppression sensor is an excellent choice for this
part-in-place application, requiring a three-inch scanning distance. With the combination of high-gain characteristics, sharp adjustable cutoff and a forgiving visible red light beam this sensor ensures longevity in this harsh environment.

Other options for solving this application would include non-laser based adjustable field or fixed field sensors in Banner’s EZ-BEAM, WORLD-BEAM and Q60 families.

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