Adhesive Bead Detection

Stack Height and Adhesive Bead Detection Image

Application: Verifying that adhesive is present

Challenges: Chips move at a fast speed along the production line

Solution: DF-G1 Fiber Optic Amplifier

Benefits: Fast response speed

To verify that adhesive is being applied properly to trays of IC chips.


The DF-G1 fiber amplifer with the fiber optic sensing tip positioned near where the robot applies the adhesive, verifies that adhesive is applied to the IC chips. An additional DF-G1 is used to reliably detect the leading edge of the IC to triger adhesive bead application.

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DF-G1 Series General Purpose Fiber Optic Amplifier
DF-G1 Series General Purpose Fiber Optic Amplifier

Fiber amplifier with IO-Link capability ideal for general purpose and error proofing. Has simple set-up and configuration. Output: NPN or PNP.

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