Rugged, Highly Visible Indication Improves Efficiency at a Truck Wash

Indicator lights intuitively direct traffic through truck wash stations to ensure efficient flow of vehicles through the wash. However, high-pressure washdowns, cleaning agents, and outdoor environments make status indication challenging. Continue reading to learn why the WLS27 segmented strip lights are a better alternative to traditional stoplights and can help improve efficiency at truck wash stations.

Strip Light Indication on Truck Wash Application Image
The Challenges of Stoplights for Traffic Control in a Truck Wash

At concrete plants, mixing trucks accumulate cement dust and concrete buildup that must be washed off at a truck wash station before the vehicles can go back on the road. Any delays in the wash cycle can slow down the line of waiting trucks, increasing downtime.

Truck drivers need to know when to advance through the car wash and when to wait or proceed with caution. Waiting too long to enter the car wash or proceed to the next stage reduces efficiency and can exponentially increase wait times for all truck drivers in the line; however, moving forward too quickly or at the wrong time can also result in damage to equipment.   

Stoplights are often used to direct drivers through the truck wash efficiently, but traditional indicators also present new challenges. For example, most stoplights cannot withstand the harsh environment inside the wash and therefore cannot be mounted close enough to the process for drivers to easily see status changes. 

In addition, traditional stoplights are often not bright enough to see well in outdoor settings, especially on very sunny days, which can cause drivers to miss signals. A solution is needed that can clearly alert drivers to the next steps in the wash cycle. 

The Solution: Bright, Rugged Indicators Built for Harsh Outdoor Environments

Banner Engineering’s new segmented WLS27 strip light provides reliable, bright, and easy-to-understand indication for harsh outdoor truck wash stations.

The IP69K-rated lights are sealed in a shatterproof, copolyester housing that resists the high-pressure water and variety of chemicals and cleaning agents inside the washing station. The heavy-duty design allows users to install the indicator closer to the process, so drivers can more easily and quickly see status changes even if they are looking down or away from the indicator. In addition, the bright light output ensures status changes are highly visible even on the sunniest days.

The new segmented WLS27 models can display multiple statuses simultaneously, for more efficient traffic control. For example, at the truck wash, the green segment turns on when drivers need to pull their vehicle forward. When both the green light and yellow light are on at the same time, drivers are aware that they should continue driving but prepare to stop.

Furthermore, cascadable models can display the same status on multiple devices simultaneously, which makes it even easier to see status changes even if a driver is looking down or away. Cascading also simplifies installation, eliminates additional wiring, and only requires power on one side of the application.

Benefits of the WLS27 Segmented Strip Light

Reliable Performance in Harsh Environments

The rugged IP69K design provides reliable indication in a wide variety of conditions, including harsh outdoor environments. The sealed lights are constructed with sturdy aluminum frames in a shatterproof copolyester housing, making them resistant to wet environments, impact, and breakage.

Industrial Stoplight Alternative

The bright light output and long length of the strip light generate highly visible indication that can be easily identified from a distance or at an angle. This makes it an ideal alternative to industrial stoplights that have a more limited viewing angle.

Clear Communication of Multiple Conditions Simultaneously

Existing EZ-STATUS® models of the WLS27 strip lights provide illumination and indication in a single device, but they are limited to displaying one status at a time. In comparison, the new WLS27 segmented models can display multiple conditions simultaneously like a standard tower light.

Cascadable for Increased Visibility with No Additional Wiring

Cascadable models of the WLS27 segmented strip light can display the same status on multiple devices simultaneously, which makes it even easier to see status changes. Cascading also simplifies installation, eliminates additional wiring, and only requires power on one side of the application.  

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WLS27 Core Series Segmented

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