Car Wash Status Indication Inside Washing Area

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Application: Indicating various stages during a car wash

Challenges: Harsh environment with high temperatures and water

Solution: EZ-LIGHT K50L Indicator Light

Benefits: Rugged housing is resitant to moisture damage and harsh atmospheres

Indicator lights can be used in a wide variety of applications. In car washes, they are often used to indicate to the customer which stage of an automatic car wash is currently in process. This allows the customers to remain updated on the progress of the wash in real-time. To complicate matters, the moisture that is consistently present in car washes make traditional lights ineffective.


There are a wide variety of EZ-LIGHT K50L indicator lights to suit the needs of a car wash application. The lights are rugged and can display up to three colors. The K50Ls can be set up to glow yellow to indicate a finished phase and green to indicate the current phase. For upcoming phases, the indicator lights do not illuminate.

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K50 Core Series 50 mm General Purpose LED Indicator

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