Loading Dock Sensor Monitoring and Indication of Truck's Presence

Loading Dock Sensor Monitoring Image

Application: Signal the presence of a truck at a dock door

Challenges: Light needs to be visible from a distance

Solution: VTB Series Pick-to-Light Touch Button

Benefits: Bright illuminated base indicates presence of truck outside the dock doors

As trucks and other vehicles arrive at dock doors, it's best to signal their presence immediately upon arrival. Fortunately, there are single devices that can signal the presence of a truck and open the dock door without any additional pieces to install. 


The VTB Verification Touch Button has two functions. First, its LED base works as a remote indicator light, signaling inside the warehouse that the outside sensor has detected the presence of a truck. Second, the sensing portion of the LED provides a means for triggering the door opener; the operator places a finger in the sensing region, without having to apply any pressure.

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