Detecting Vehicle's Arrival at Parking Kiosk and Activating Pay Station

Imagen Acceso y Control del Quiosco de Estacionamiento

Application: Sensing the arrival of a vehicle and activating pay station at a parking lot

Challenges: Outdoor environment

Solution: Wireless M-GAGE Node

Benefits: Rugged and long battery life

Parking lots see a lot of traffic and properly managing the entrance can keep efficiency high. Parking control systems and payment kiosks need to automatically activate when a vehicle approaches the parking lot. Typically, parking lot entrances are exposed to various weather conditions and potential inmpact from vehicles. 


An embedded M-GAGE Wireless Sensor Node detects approaching vehicles and sends a signal to the Gateway to activate automated parking control systems, payment kiosks, and automated access control barriers. These nodes are fully potted and sealed and do not require any external power sources or wiring. They can be installed underground and are very resistant to harsh conditions.

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Wireless M-GAGE Node
Wireless M-GAGE Node

FlexPower Node with internal battery designed for vehicle detection.

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