Remote Train Car Detection for Train Yard Mashalling

Train Yard Marshalling Image

Application: Remote monitoring of train cars for train marshalling

Challenges: Heavy duty environment with harsh weather, vibration, and cannot be easily wired

Solution: M-Gage Wireless Node and Wireless Gateway system

Benefits: IP67 housing with long battery life

Train marshalling is the placement of cars in a particular order to complete a train. When placements need to be changed, track controls are activated to handle the switching cars. Automatic train detection is used so that operators can monitor the train car movements so that they are directed to the correct location. Railways present many difficulties for standard sensing equipment because it is typically a dirty and harsh outdoor environment.

Wireless Train Detection for Yard Monitoring

Wireless train detection is possible with embedded M-GAGE Wireless Sensor Nodes. The Nodes are installed underneath the track and can successfully detect the cars as they pass overhead. This data is transmitted back to the Gateway device and a control system, enabling remote yard monitoring and marshalling. Each node is installed underground and detects changes in the ambient magnetic field as train cars pass by overhead. The rugged M-GAGE Nodes are rated IP67 and fully sealed and potted with the power source, sensor, and antenna located inside the housing for a completely wireless solution. 

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