Q4X Cap Orientation - Two-Point Teach Tutorial [Video]


This video will demonstrate how simple it is to use the 2 point teach mode on Banner’s new Q4X sensor.

Using two point teach mode the Q4X can reliably detect the presence of white bottle caps, whether upside down or right side up, as they move down a white conveyor belt.

Two of the Q4X sensor’s factory default setting are two point teach and light operate, meaning the sensor is ready to be taught right out of the box.

For this application both the first and second targets are the conveyor.

To begin aim the Q4X at the conveyor and press TEACH for 2 or more seconds to enter teach mode.

Press TEACH to set the first switch point, press TEACH again to set the second switch point.

A switch point is set at 56 mm, which is 1 mm in front of the taught distance of 57 mm.

Although not required for this application, the switch point can be adjusted if necessary using the + and – buttons.

The Q4X is now ready to detect any bottle cap moving down the conveyor. 

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