Gate Monitoring with a Hinged Interlock

Gate Monitoring with a Hinged Interlock Image

Application: Gate monitoring in a hazardous area

Challenges: Opening of the gate must stop a moving conveyor

Solution: Hinge style interlock switch

Benefits: Integral hinge will stop conveyor once the gate is opened

Keeping workers out of harm’s way is essential in large factory automation applications. Often, several safety systems must be employed to prevent workers from entering hazardous areas. In this application, an interlocked breakaway guard is protected with an integral hinge to prevent trapping or crushing.


A car travels along a conveyor into a hazardous area guarded by an EZ-SCREEN Grid. As the car approaches, the EZ-SCREEN Grid is temporarily muted to allow the car to pass without stopping the conveyor. While the Grid is muted, there is the risk that a worker will attempt to enter the hazardous area through the interlocked breakaway guard, putting the worker in a dangerous situation and presenting the possibility that the worker will be struck by the moving car.

This risk is mitigated by using a hinged interlocking switch to protect the interlocked breakaway guard. If a worker attempts to open the breakaway guard while the EZ-SCREEN Grid is muted, the integral hinge will stop the conveyor.

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