All Storage and Retrieval Solutions

  1. LS light curtains are intuitive, easy-to-use safety devices used for machine safeguarding. They are built to withstand challenges commonly found in manufacturing and packaging environments. LS-S models require no PC software, DIP switches, or other devices for quick, easy configuration. Highly visible alignment indicators and intuitive diagnostics simplify setup, facilitate troubleshooting, and minimize system downtime.

  2. ABR Series barcode readers can be used to solve track and trace applications, offering increased resolution to read smaller codes, over a larger target area, and at greater distances. Polarization is now available in both 1.3 MP and 2 MP ABR 7000 models for improved performance on targets with reflective surfaces or where glare is present. Our highest resolution camera, the VE is also available in only-barcode reading models, as well as the original vision camera-only model. This makes our VE series is the highest-resolution barcode reader in our portfolio, designed to better solve complex applications.

  3. In a book packing warehouse, the rack above each carton of books is equipped with a one-piece EZ-LIGHT PVD pick-to-light sensor. A worker fills orders by selecting the quantity of each book specified on the packing slip. To make it easier for the worker to find the cartons from which to pick books, the PVDs above those cartons are illuminated. The PVD detects the workers hand in the carton to verify that the title was picked.

  4. The Q20 WORLD-BEAM Polarized Retro sensors are mounted on the rails of the multishuttles, to confirm that product stays within the safety zone and confirms a product is positioned correctly to avoid hanging off the “safe zone.” Q20 sensors are cost effective and accurately detect presence and placement, making them ideal for a warehouse environment. The compact size and ease of installation make the Q20 a robust product for these applications. The Q20 sensors have a distance range up to 4 m and the sensor functionality of noise immunity and cross-talk avoidance allows the operator to test the system before use.

  5. Banner’s time-of-flight LT7 laser sensors provide long-distance ranges up to 250 m with a visible red laser spot for easy alignment. Depending on range needed, a diffuse or retroreflective time-of-flight laser sensor can be used. Retroreflective LT7 laser sensors provide ranges up to 250 m and diffuse LT7 laser sensors provide long-range background suppression up to 10 m.

  6. WORLD-BEAM QS18 Universal Voltage sensors are mounted along a conveyor to detect the presence and position of passing paletts. These sensors can be connected to either AC or DC power, allowing them to operate in large conveyor applications already using AC power without requiring a separate power supply. In addition to the universal voltage, this sensor also has a popular 18 mm barrel shape, multiple mounting options, and a rugged IP67 housing to withstand harsh environments. Having multiple power and mounting options in a single sensor allow for a quick and easy retrofit on the line.