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  • MAXI-AMP Series

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    Maxi-Amp Image
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    • CR, CM and CD amplifiers for use with specific remote photoelectric sensors and CL amplifiers for use with any dc sensor
    • Miniature and ultra-miniature remote sensors in opposed, non-polarized retroreflective, diffuse, convergent and glass fiber optic sensing modes, depending on amplifier
    • Available with either electromechanical relay or solid-state output
    • Models with 12 selectable timing functions
    • Modules use one of two supply voltage options, depending on model:
      • 105 to 130V dc/12 to 28V dc
      • 210 to 250V ac/12 to 28V dc
    • Provides programmable 10, 2, 1 or 0.3 millisecond output response time, depending on model
    • Max range between 200 mm and 15 m, depending on model and mode, and 60 m with SP12 series remote sensors for difficult sensing environments
    • Features exclusive LED system that displays received signal strength
    • Modules combine power supply, output circuitry and programmable timing logic
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