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    Non-callout image for BEC Redesign (5/5/2008)


    • Designed for light- to medium-duty production machinery
    • Features ultra-compact housing to fit existing machinery—32 x 25 mm footprint
    • Available in heights from 137 to 1255 mm with 19 mm resolution or 645 to 1864 mm with 32 mm resolution
    • Operates in ranges from 150 mm to 9 m, depending on length
    • Features bright LED status indicators with same functions as those on control box
    • Available with nickel-plated ESD-safe housing for protection against electrostatic discharge
    • Includes swivel brackets for easy alignment
    • Offers optional lens shields and enclosures for added durability

    Discontinued Notice

    This product family is being discontinued. Please contact an engineer to find a replacement, or browse our recommended selection of products.

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