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  • MULTI-BEAM Series

    Non-callout image for BEC Redesign (5/5/2008)

    • Provides industrys most flexible modular sensor family, with over 5,000 custom configurations
    • Offers interchangeable ac or dc power blocks and choice of 2-, 3- or 4-wire sensor blocks
    • Available in opposed, retroreflective, diffuse, convergent and glass fiber optic sensing modes
    • Ranges to 200 m
    • Offers choice of output timing logic modules for output timing control
    • Features ambient light receivers, optical edge transmitters and optical edge guides for specialized applications

    Literatura Técnica

    MULTI-BEAM Series: 3- and 4-wire Logic Modules
    11 Jul 2022
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    MULTI-BEAM Series: Optical Edgeguide System
    7 Jul 2022
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