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  • QL55 Series

    Non-callout image for BEC Redesign (5/5/2008)

    • Features a self-contained design in a robust, compact metal housing
    • Detects luminescence inherent in a material and luminophores added to a material
    • Senses luminescent marks, even on luminescent backgrounds and reflective surfaces such as ceramic, metal or mirrored glass
    • Highly sensitive
    • Includes easy-to-set push-button programming of the sensing threshold
    • Responds in 250 microseconds
    • Offers switch-selectable NPN or PNP discrete outputs, and 0 to 5.5V dc analog output

    Discontinued Notice

    This product family is being discontinued. Please contact an engineer to find a replacement, or browse our recommended selection of products.

    Literatura Técnica

    QL55 Series Luminescence Sensors
    11 Nov 2008
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