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    Remote Sensor
    Remote Sensor
    Remote Sensor


    • Allows installation in extremely tight or difficult-to-reach areas
    • Requires MICRO-AMP MA3 or MPC3 Series, or MAXI-AMP CM Series amplifier
    • Offers choice of opposed, diffuse, convergent or fixed-field sensing modes
    • Ranges to 200 mm
    • Provides choice of housing style for diffuse and convergent sensing modes
    • Connects to amplifier using an integral 2 m cable or 4-pin Euro-style quick disconnect, depending on model
    • Choice of plastic or stainless steel barrel, depending on model

    Literatura Técnica

    LR300 and PT300 Opposed Mode Remote Sensor Pair -- Datasheet
    14 Apr 2020
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    SP100FF Fixed-Field Sensor -- Datasheet
    8 Nov 2017
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