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  • U-GAGE ULTRA-BEAM Ultrasonic Sensors

    Non-callout image for BEC Redesign (5/5/2008)


    • Reliably senses proximity and distance of materials regardless of transparency or color
    • Uses an electrostatic ultrasonic transducer for economical close- and long-range sensing
    • Senses from 0.5 to 6 m
    • Offered with discrete or analog outputs
    • Available in ac and dc models
    • Interfaces easily to variable-speed dc drives, microprocessors and PLCs
    • Discrete sensor is ideal for bin-level sensing/control and sensing transparent materials
    • Analog sensor is ideal for fill level, position, web tensioning, size sorting, and centering applications

    Literatura Técnica

    ULTRA-BEAM 923 Series, Analog Output
    19 Dec 2012
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    ULTRA-BEAM 925 Series, Electromechanical Relay Output
    19 Nov 2003
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